My gf is addicted to online poker

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How To Cure An Addiction To Poker and Gambling

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Here’s my answer: When Your Husband Plays Video Games Too Much. Thanks for writing! This is a really common issue. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with playing video games for a short period everyday to unwind.

I've just moved in with my boyfriend and realize that he is addicted to online poker. All of his free time is spent playing on the internet. He's already lost over $1000, but considers this an education... like spending money on college. addicted much?? - Poker Community - PocketFives my girlfriends been moaning im constantly on the grind not spending time with her etc happy days :/ so told her i would get up at 6.00 Am everyday just to play poker so it doesnt intervine in OUR haha time together day 1 is today and feel 6.00am is an insane time to get up just for poker. has any... Addicted to Girlfriend? : Relationship Forum - Psych forums

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My problem is, I'm addicted to poker. I can't stop playing, week after week. For over a year, I've been telling family and telling myself that I will stop poker and focus on growing my business. But, my business is boring compared to poker. It's not thrilling or exciting like poker. I DO NOT want to play poker for a living for the rest of my life. Girlfriend's problem is killing me. | Gambling Therapy Girlfriend's problem is killing me. Hey guys. I am new here and I really need support or assistance. My girlfriend has a terrible problem. I accept it and I deal with it, but I don't know what to do. She gambles everything she has, and once she can no longer do this, she resorts to using everything I have. The real problem is how she behaves after.

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My husbands Poker Addiction. Hello! I am here because I need help. I left my country to be with the man I love who is in the US. We now have a toddler. When I met my husband, he was occasionally playing Poker. What I did not know was that he actually was addicted to it. How To Cure An Addiction To Poker and Gambling I got into online poker for about 2 months. Started w/ $200, made about $500, and lost it. Online poker is pointless to me at these stakes b/c when compared to the REAL casino of the stock markets and my Etrade account… that’s where the real money was being made or lost. I like playing heads up online with friends though. Very fun! My mom is addicted to online poker? Advice? Help? | Yahoo ... My mom is seriously addicted to online poker. She gets worked up over this fake money. Like honestly sometimes I feel that the stupid poker is more important that me and my family. She ignores people when somebody tries to talk to her. I'll have to call her name about a billion times before she realizes I'm talking to her. She used to play poker on the computer but now she doesn't do that ... My girlfriend is addicted to a video game - GirlsAskGuys my girlfriend is addicted to a video game and its kind of starting to annoy the hell out of me i play the game also but she spends about 6-9 hours a day playing it. two nights ago she stayed up until 4 A:M playing the game we were on the phone but I just told her that I'm tired because she was ...

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You read about how an online poker wonderkid came 3rd at the Irish Poker Open, taking down a score of $700,000, and think to yourself: I could do that. So you deposit some money and start playing. You read every book there is to read on poker, you watch poker whenever it is on television, and you read every poker blog there is to read. Is being addicted to poker a bad thing? - Poker Rooms - … Is being addicted to poker a bad thing? I ask this because, I am addicted to playing poker. I'm not addicted to gambling. While I've played other casino games such as slots, blackjack, craps, etc I think my girlfriend is a gambling addict. | DailyStrength I think my girlfriend is a gambling addict. My girlfriend works in a casino, she is qualified as an all games dealer. ... and I asked why she said well she was playing online poker when she got home from work and was really upset because she made her $10 buy in to the online tournament and fell asleep only 2 and a half hours into the game ...